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The Chandler Limited Germanium Tone Control EQ is a vintage-inspired outboard equalizer with a decidedly modern feature set. The Germanium Tone Control exudes fat, colorful tones before you even switch in the filters. With transformer-coupled I/O, the Germanium series' variable feedback control, and active and passive EQ circuits, the Germanium Tone Control puts you in the fast lane for warm vintage sculpting during tracking or mixing. Thicken up a kick drum in a hurry, bring some attitude to your guitar tracks with the presence control, or brighten up your singer's day with the sweet and sultry treble boost.

Note that these units require a Chandler Limited PSU-1 +24VDC power supply, sold separately. Find the power supply here or compare prices on Germanium Tone Controls which include the PSU-1.

Product Specs

  • Germanium Tone Control EQ
  • Blue
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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