Based on the tremolo circuit found in 60s Valco-style amps, the Catalinbread Valcoder Vintage Tremolo offers a unique take on the tremolo pedal with driveability and grit. Typical controls for Speed and Depth control the modulation, while a JFET based input circuit with independent output knob let you add a warm boost up to 10db to your signal. For garage rock, blues and anywhere in between, the Valcoder is a surefire way to add some throwback swagger to your tone.

Product Specs

  • Valcoder Vintage Tremolo
  • Blue
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Catalinbread Valcoder Vintage Tremolo
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  • Great sounding choppy trem.

    Verified Purchase

    Probably the most extreme tremolo sound I've used. This thing is not capable of subtle. It is real 'effect'. The input and output controls add some extra sustain and gain to make your playing cut through a bit more. Great build quality. Look else where if you're after a softer trem, but this thing really excels at what its going for.

  • Awesome

    Like so many of Howard's pedals at Catalinbread you can describe it as: unique and so easy to get rolling. I hate pedals with 43 knobs and endless button turning. This thing was a blast out of the gate and very intuitive and inspiring. I really dig the input grit/gain adjustment and feels very sm…

  • Noisy for clean tones

    Verified Purchase

    While the tremolo is nice, it is really noisy if you are playing super clean tones. Works well with distortion.

  • Good but tricky

    Verified Purchase

    Nice, good sounding pedal, but the choppy character of the square wave makes it a bit tricky to play in time. If you wanna play at certain bpm you have to figure out exactly which tempo the song has and play really good in time. If the tempo is not set correctly or you are not playing at point, i fi…

  • Inspiring

    Verified Purchase

    After spending the weekend turning knobs (standalone and with various other effects) I have found this box really inspiring. Excellent range of tones (from gritty boost through to choppy tremolo), and, on my set-up anyway, dead quiet in the chain. Fantastic for laying down a smooth pulsating loop …