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The Catalinbread Galileo has one purpose: to emulate the sound of a Rangemaster Treble-Booster into a cranked Vox AC30. Designed with the playing style of Brian May in mind, the Galileo nails his sonic signature by delivering that throaty mid-range crunch. A Volume knob, Tone knob, and Gain knob allow you to shape your sound. The Galileo, as well as its limited-edition dual pedal counterpart, delivers frequencies that sit perfectly in the mix, cutting through or leaning back depending on your settings. Capturing the essence of Brian May's signature sound is what the Galileo was built to do, and it does it well.

Product Specs

  • Galileo
  • Gold
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States
Reviews for the Catalinbread Galileo
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  • Perhaps suffers from being overly authentic

    Verified Purchase

    TL;DR: The Galileo MKII is actually designed to be used with Your guitar volume knob rolled way down. There is no manual or anything that tells you this. My usual M.O. is to have my guitar controls all the way up, then get the amp set for a good clean tone, then dial in the pedal to sound good. Th…

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  • Brian May and More

    Verified Purchase

    I have always appreciated Brian May's tone and that was the reason I bought the Galileo, but this pedal has a nice signature tone that is between a Marshall and Fender Bassman. Its nice to have this pedal in the arsenal, to quickly adjust the tonal quality with a simple foot switch and punch through…

  • Verified Purchase

    Amazing. It really DOES sound like Brian May. This should be the future of pedals...get someones tone and put it in a pedal. I'd like Ty Tabor circa Dogman :) That's a GREAT name for a pedal too...Damn. Royalties!!!

  • Sounds and feels like a dimed amp

    Verified Purchase

    I usually use drive pedals in front of a semi-dirty amp. I tried that with this pedal and it was thin and noisy. However, in the clean channel of a Supersonic 22, it is like playing an amp that is in the middle of bursting into flames. I used it with a T-style parts guitar with single coils and i…

  • Fantastic!

    Verified Purchase

    Had a very different experience from other reviewers. Pedal is very versatile and works well with many different kinds of guitars. It is very dynamic and responds well to the controls on my guitars. Not really a big Brian May fan, but love the Vox sound and this nails it all the way from the cranked…