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Reviews for the Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret MKIII
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  • Amp in a Box

    Verified Purchase

    This is one of the better “Amp in a Box” pedals I’ve tried, although I’ve played better, the DLS MKIII holds its own for sure. Plenty of gain available but I wished it cleaned up better from the guitar (this is why I gave 4 stars). Tons of low end if needed, in either setting. Tone controls are pret…

  • Verified Purchase

    Everything all right

  • The Best

    Best Marshall emulator I've ever heard. Better than the computer simulations. It sounded dandy with my '87 Jap Strat with the weak alnico p/u's but when I dropped a set of Fender Tex-Mex p/u's into my ax, I suddenly sounded like SRV or Clapton: crystal clear highs, screaming lead tones, and super-c…

  • Amazing in 18v with a boost

    Verified Purchase

    I first tried the pedal out with a 9v battery. It sounded like a really good Plexi-In-a-box pedal. Out of curiosity, I purchased an 18v power supply. Holy crap!!! What a difference! I boost the pedal input with an EHX Soul Food and have a full-range of amazing tones using only the tone and volu…


    Great foundation pedal for the plexi tone I use it on a handwired Deluxe and it is my secret weapon.