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Reviews for the Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard
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  • Order That Vintage Casio Sa-75 Very Small Keyboard Synth

    Order That Vintage Casio SA-65 Very Small Keyboard Synth 100 Tones 15 Wind Ens 13 Tuba 77 Car Horn 30 Patterns 00 16 Beat 01 8 Beat 02 pops 03 Rock 04 Swing 05 Slow Rock 06 Shuffle 07 March 08 Samba 09 Waltz 10 Rap 11 Pops 12 Rock 13 Jazz 14 House 15 Funk 16 Latin 17 Carnival …

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  • Better than I remember!!

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    I had one of these as a kid. I remembered having a BLAST with the sampler. After I got this SK-1, I plugged it into my console expecting most of the sounds to be tinny, noisy and overall useless. Nope. It is WAY better than I remember. Most of the sounds are fairly useable, and while they aren'…

  • a fun toy.

    I got this thing because a few artists I like have used it sparingly, and it looked like something that would be fun to play around with. And it is just that, nothing mind-blowing, but all around super fun. Would suggest if you can find one for a cheap price, picked mine up for $50. The sounds are c…

  • Good!

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    Works great! Arrived fast and packaged safely and securely!

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