Carvin V3M 3-Channel 50-Watt Micro Tube Guitar Amp Head

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Reviews for the Carvin V3M 3-Channel 50-Watt Micro Tube Guitar Amp Head
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  • V stands for Versatile

    Verified Purchase

    The first hands on experience I had with a Carvin amp was in the studio with the V3 100 watt head. I was extremely impressed by how quick and easy it was to dial in killer tones from clean to high gain. The V3M is equally adept. Aside from the killer tones I really appreciate the ability to run 7, 2…

  • Carvin V3M, Great Amp !

    Verified Purchase

    Purchased this amp in 2016 used and has proved to be a quality USA made amp. Foot switch has 4 buttons, each with LED's (Ch 3, Ch 1 & 2, Reverb, and boost for solos which volume can be adjusted on amp). Similar to my Mesa Triple Rec but in a lightweight compact head. Plenty of sound options with EQ…

  • Best kept secret

    I purchased my V3M direct from Carvin when it was first released about 10 years ago. It has never disappointed to perform and I am still amazed at the range of tone it produces. I'm sure you could drop $2,000 on something that sounds a little bit better but why? Mesa Boogie, maybe. I won't eve…

  • Pretty cool

    Verified Purchase

    Tone isn't quite on par with my Dual Rec but at 19 lbs., 3 ch., and 50 watts you can't beat it. It's got a lot of flexibility. Mine runs a little hot but that might be by design. The dual rec and the oversized cab were killing me to load in and out. Now i plan to use the Carvin for all the medium …