Caroline Guitar Company Wave Cannon MkII Superdistorter Distortion Pedal

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The Caroline Guitar Company Wave Cannon MkII Superdistorter is an angry, nasty distortion pedal with unique tone controls and an otherworldly amount of gain on tap. Take even the cleanest amp and shove the Wave Canon MkII right into its face, blaring it's fiery, explosive distortion into thick dirty tones. The Focus control is a broad midrange bell that can scoop or boost the mids however you want, while the Tone control affects the highs and the "RUMBLE" switch takes care of the bottom-end meat. When it's time to shoot your speakers out of the cabinet, stomp with all your might onto the "HAVOC" switch to create intense feedback and wildly unpredictable sounds.

Product Specs

  • Wave Cannon MkII
  • Red
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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