The Carl Martin Chorus XII is a dual/stereo chorus pedal with a rich sound and rugged, durable build. Two independent sets of speed and depth controls essentially gives you two chorus pedals in one, footswitchable so you can change your settings from slow and subtle to fast and warbly mid-set or mid-song.

Product Specs

  • Chorus XII
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Denmark

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Reviews for the Carl Martin Chorus XII Dual Chorus Pedal
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  • A very musical chorus, useful @ all settings

    This chorus has two identical channels that you can set up differently for Depth and Speed, then switch back and forth using the second foot switch. Each channel has an LED that blinks in time with the Speed setting which is very handy. Overall the sound is quite musical, this pedal makes your gu…

  • Verified Purchase

    One of the best choruses I head. Only complaint is the power chord.