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The Burns London company made a series of innovative Fender-esque guitar and bass designs from 1960 until 1970 when production ended. The brand has been revived by different makers since, but the original era of Burns instruments are the most collectable.  The Bison was made as a guitar and bass in a few variations and remains one of the more recognizable Burns designs. Though exact dating is difficult with Burns, this particular Bass is from after 1965 given the word 'Baldwin' indicator on the top horn (Baldwin purchased the brand in 1965 after a failed bid to buy Fender). 

Years of Production: 1960 - 1970

Body Style: Double cutaway solidbody 

Wood Composition: Maple body, Rosewood fingerboard

Design Elements: Bolt-on neck, dot inlays, two single-coil Burns pickups, three controls knobs

Notable Burns Players: Jimmy Page, Hank Marvin 

Product Specs

  • Baldwin Baby Bison
  • Sunburst
  • 1960s