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Reviews for the Bugera BV1001T 2000W Class-D Bass Amp
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  • Verified Purchase

    Great Little Bass Amp Head Thanks

  • One HELL of a bass amp.

    Verified Purchase

    Don't let the size of this amp fool you. I love this thing. It has a great warm tone,and is loud as hell. Very compact you can take this thing anywhere with little effort. It was a great buy. \m/

  • Verified Purchase

    Well I went on ah whim buying the Bugera BV1001T,and all I can say is I'm glad I did.Ive used a few different amps in the past,but I am a Ampeg man for roughly 40 years.Again my new purchase with the bugera I am totally pleased.whats not to be pleased with 9lbs. No more broken backs,pulled muscles,a…

  • Amazing sound!

    Verified Purchase

    Amazing sound. Very powerful for a light weight amp. Perfect when you jam in a small studio with a very loud guitarist and heavy hitting drummer. I'm extremely happy with it!!!