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The Boss SD-1 is an overdrive that sits somewhere between a BD-2 Blues Driver and the full on DS-1 Distortion. This popular mod from Keeley makes the SD-1 into a hard rocker's dream, turning the pedal into a gainer and more open TS style overdrive that can reach distortion territory when dimed out. All components are upgraded throughout and a toggle is added for bringing a germanium diode into the clipping circuit to create harder drive and more compression. True bypass switching is added as well.

Product Specs

  • SD-1 Super Overdrive with Keeley GE Mod
  • Yellow
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive w/ Keeley GE Mod
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  • Good but fake

    Verified Purchase

    The pedal sounds good. But I opened it for curiosity and saw that there was no extra LED so I had my doubts and contacted Keeley with pictures of the interior of the pedal. Keeley told me it was a fake Keeley mod since it differed somewhat from the original mod. I have had to send it to Keeley to reconvert it into a true Keeley mod.

  • Wow!!

    Verified Purchase

    Extremely pleased with this pedal!!


    Verified Purchase

    Excellent pedal stock. Perfect for an AC30 bright amp. With the mod , it's perfect for a darker Two-Rock or most all other amps. I own all the cool overdrives. I have boxes of pedals , but this inexpensive pedal is my go to now. Love it.