Capable of supplying power to seven effects and featuring the sturdy Boss chassis, the PSM-5 is a workhorse power supply that also saves on pedalboard space. The first power supply produced by Boss in the '80s, this pedal also function as a master switch and is a great cost-effective power supply option that also has a vintage flair.

Product Specs

  • PSM-5 Power Supply & Master Switch
  • Red
  • 1982
Made In
  • Japan

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Reviews for the Boss PSM-5 Power Supply and Master Switch
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  • Verified Purchase

    Great little loop switch for cheap! Highly recommend for small boards or if you want the ability to bypass a pedal(s)

  • Something wrong

    Verified Purchase

    Mine is wired correct, pedal action changes LED from red to green like it should....pedals do not shut off....what am I missing? I can't find it.

  • Great Tool for Buffered Effects

    Verified Purchase

    Running a long chain of buffered effects has a noticable effect on your signal's high end. This pedal is an elegant solution to bypass those effects when not in use and tidy up power runs to your pedals on your board.

  • I can only hear my guitar!!

    Verified Purchase

    WOW, no noise at all. It's powering 6 pedals and all are absolutely quiet. I was hoping it would fix the noise issue and it did. Very easy to use and add to the pedal board. A must have for anyone that is not using batteries to power their 9V pedals. Highly recommended.

  • Perfect master switch.

    Verified Purchase

    Extremely simple and laid out better than the new line selector and cheap too. I have three and i use them the most. Great pedal wish they were still around instead of the confusing crappy new stuff.