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Reviews for the Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter Pedal
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  • Verified Purchase

    nice phaser.

  • Good phaser, Awesome "Stage"

    This is a good phaser but nothing special. I think that the PH1 was way better. But if you want a multi-stage phaser this is the best in the market in this price range. Where this phaser shines is the last three "stage" called "rise" "fall" and "step" you can really create something unique and different!


    Good phaser, the different settings for step and stage control are invaluable

  • Adequate for my needs.

    Verified Purchase

    Just use it for jamming at home although I would use it to play out as it does the job just fine. Inexpensive and functional, can't ask for more!

  • Just right

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal covers a large range of possibilities, from very subtle phasing to the opposite extreme. The controls are simple to use, the casing is built like a tank, and it's a BOSS. Great value, particularly a used one.