Powered by the company's vanguard DSP technology, the Boss MD-500 Modulation offers 32-bit conversion and DSP processing with 28 custom-made effect algorithms for a universe of modulation in one pedal.

  • Engine: 32-bit AD/DA conversion, floating point DSP processing, 96kHz sampling rate

  • Controls: Mode, Rate, Depth, Effect Level, Param , Param 2 knobs, Up/Down/Exit/Edit buttons

  • Modes: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Classic Vibe, Vibrato, Tremolo, Dimension, Ring Mod, Rotary, Filter, Slicer, Overtone

  • Other Features: MIDI in/out, Stereo/Mono operation, Expression Jack, USB Connectivity

Product Specs

  • MD-500 Modulation
  • Blue
  • 2017 - 2019
Made In
  • Taiwan

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Reviews for the Boss MD-500 Modulation
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  • Use distortion or the 4 cable method for pre/post routing?

    Verified Purchase

    Prepare to be massively let down. Through a clean amp? Easily a 4 or 5 star pedal. Chorus and dimension are pristine. Trem gets the job done. Phaser and vibe sound great. That's where I stop liking this pedal and kind of honestly start to hate it. I use modulation with drive often. Think Gilmour…

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  • Very Nice

    Verified Purchase

    I recently purchased a Boss ES-5 effect switcher. I have a MD-500 & a DD-500 set up with the MIDI selector. Couldn't be happier with the sounds and the flexibility I get from my rig now. It's a modulation geek's wet dream.

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  • MD-500

    I’ve never owned any modulation until I got this unit. What a fool I have been! This is so much fun to play with. There are so many options in chorus alone. The overtones and classic vibe sound great. The base sounds are fantastic. Diving in and making them your own is a very deep rabbit hole that you can get lost in for hours!

  • Awesome! Thank you.

    Verified Purchase

    This thing rocks.

  • Great pedal as expected!

    Verified Purchase

    This covers your mod tones! I love the ability to run 2 effects at the same time in one box! Also the software editor allows for easy fine tuning!