The Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor employs a streamlined USB/MIDI interface, compatible GK guitar pickup, and a built-in analog guitar synthesizer for an absolute command station of guitar tone. Powered in tandem by Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Composite Object Sound Modeling (COSM) technology to serve up sounds from a 12-string to two-octave drop to custom tunings, the GP-10 compounds decades of guitar gear into a single floor unit.

Product Specs

  • GP-10 Guitar Processor Multi-Effect Unit
  • Yellow
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor
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  • This is perfect for me

    Verified Purchase

    I used GR50 GR33 VG8, GP-10. This is more convenient to use in live than others. And it is very light and compact

  • Verified Purchase

    i like it better than my Zoom 5 effects very easy to modify effects Guitar types i can use it with or without the 13 pin GK3 cable has many great clean guitar effects the Ctrl1&2 pedals produce extra effects for solo or strumming great product much better that the GR-55 fir a guitar effects on stage or at practice

  • It’s my sound

    Verified Purchase

    I love it so much I just bought a second one on Reverb. My only complaint is it’s limited in how many effects you can use at once- compressions, drives and modulation in one block is a major hurdle. The amps and guitars sound great however (some better than others obviously) The synth and alt tuning…

  • smaller version of the vg99

    Verified Purchase

    Came out before the VG-99 so it doesn't have the same amount of effects, but, they are just as perfect. Well worth learning the process of using this because once you start, you can't stop playing.

  • Verified Purchase

    Much better for guitar based instruments. I have the GR 55 and not much for guitar. I like the smaller footprint.