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Reviews for the Boss GE-7 Graphic EQ
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  • Perf

  • Noisy, useless as an eq and works as a boost thats all.

    Verified Purchase

    Pros: -Works perfect as a boost. With the side effects that the noise floor will be increased and your guitar noise will say to you "Hello". Cons: -Leave your guitar tone natural, and make those changes in studio if you use this to record in your home on in a professional recording studio. -Live?, …

  • Must have

    Verified Purchase

    Key to tone shape any amp you like.

  • Works great!

    Verified Purchase

    I was struggling getting the right EQ on my Martin in different settings. This does exactly what I need it to do. Very happy with it!

  • Verified Purchase

    Really useful for boosting solo's and/or cutting through the mix when and where needed WITHOUT adding too much volume...

More Information

Perhaps the most widely used EQ pedal available, the Boss GE-7 gives control of a frequency range of 100Hz to 6.4kHz across 7 bands. The recent version of this pedal are less collectable than the earliest Made-in-Japan examples. 

Years of Production:  1981 - present

Controls: 7 band EQ, Level

Notable Users: 
Brent Hinds, Kevin Shields, Mike Einziger, The Edge