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Reviews for the Boss FZ-5 Fuzz
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  • Verified Purchase

    This pedal gets the sound I want. The way I use it is turning the fuzz to 3 o'clock on the O (octave) setting, which makes chords sound like they're ripping apart, especially if signal is distorted before hitting this pedal. Nasty, in a good way.

  • May take some getting used to. But it will grind.

    Verified Purchase

    Setting 1 is the easiest to get a handle on. The 2 Maestro is a real true to old style pedal. Complete with cutout sounds etc. If you want old style this does touch it. It is not broke, it may seem like it is. The octave 3 is not generally my cup of tea but it is usable, It can get real nasty but i…

  • Boss FZ-5 Fuzz

    Verified Purchase

    would prefer an FZ-2 with EQ, but not for $200 plus, so I'd say it's hard to beat the FZ-5's versatility at this price - though I thought settings 1 and 3 had too much bass and setting 2 had not enough bass (and you can't really mod COSM)... might try an FZ-3 next, or a Fuzz Face, or a Gypsy Fuzz, or an EHX, or ?!

  • Unfortunately, Mine only partially worked I think...

    Verified Purchase

    It seemed best on position 1, position 2 was bad news (no default volume) - I hope it was the pedal that was bad, position 3 was ok, not as good as position 1. I decided it wasn't worth it for me, BUT if position 2 was working I might have kept it.

  • pleasant surprise

    Verified Purchase

    The FZ-5 isn't an analog fuzz, or three, but it's closer than I expected it to be. It's easy to play. Some may like it better than the real thing.