Boss DM-3 Delay
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The Boss DM-3 was the last of its kind: the last analog delay pedal produced by boss, manufactured in the mid '80s. Sporting circuitry similar to the DM-2's, the DM-3 has an additional filter as well as high-speed noise reduction built in and stereo output ability. The controls on the DM-3 are also particularly unique, as they were only featured on this pedal and the Boss CE-2B.

Product Specs

  • DM-3 Delay (Green Label)
  • Red
  • 1984 - 1986
Made In
  • Japan

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Reviews for the Boss DM-3 Delay
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  • Boss DM-3

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal sounds just perfect. I got mine at a steal for half the price most are going for & absolutely love it. Honestly, I would never pay more for one of these than what you can get a Carbon Copy for though.

  • boss dm3

    great sounding analog pedal..well worth the $$. great dirty repeats.

  • Reality

    Average pedal then below average pedal now. The "magic" of the vintage pedals is over. Spending 200+ dollars on a beat up pedal that functions acoustically and functionally the same as a Boss delay pedal's a marketing gimmick and just an excuse to charge more for nothing. There is no mag…

  • Classic delay

    Just like its big brother but with a tone knob. Great for slap back!

  • The DM3 is good, but has time past it by?

    Verified Purchase

    Great warm/clear sounding analog delay. Be sure to either get the correct power adapter or have it mod'ed so you can use a 9v. Without either a 12v or mod'ed one you're starving the pedal power and it will be a bit mushier and not as clear. Mine is a bit noisy but not sure if that's because I d…