The Boss DD-2 Digital Delay was first made in 1983, offering the first digital delay jammed into a stompbox. Using the same integrated circuit chip as the Roland SDE-3000, the Boss DD-2 brought long and crystal-clear digital delay to the masses. It features mono input, mono/stereo output, and up to 800ms of delay time.

Product Specs

  • DD-2 Digital Delay (Blue Label)
  • White
  • 1983 - 1986
Made In
  • Japan

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Reviews for the Boss DD-2 Digital Delay
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  • nice pedal nice seller

  • Low fi

    Verified Purchase

    Cool delay. Almost sounds analog as the repeats fade out though not dark or dull like analog but more like the note clarity degrades as it repeats which is a cool effect. Has a bouncy organicness that makes it fun to use unlike how most digital delays can be a bit sterile. Though if you want true di…

  • Classic digital delay

    Verified Purchase

    Sounds 3-dimensional where other digital delays sound flat and 2-dimensional. A truly special pedal and certainly one of my favorites...

  • Best Warmth of the DD Bosses

    Verified Purchase

    I've run the DD-7, as well as T.C. Electronic, Line 6 and other delays. I never really thought of a mid-1980's vintage pedal as anything more than a novelty, but I heard an interview with Brad Paisley where he mentioned that the DD-2 had the best warmth and organic sound of the series. I checked t…

  • Great pedal from it's era!

    Verified Purchase

    I collect all the old BOSS delay pedals and the DD-2 fits right into the line's advancement over the years. Only 800ms of delay, but perfect for any application where that will work for you. Great old BOSS pedal!