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Reviews for the Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus
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  • Used it before then sold it and bought it again.

    Verified Purchase

    Tried all of the bass chorus pedals. Always go back to the CEB-3. You have better control over blend of effect and natural tone and the unit has a warmth to it that fits in the mix. The MXR BCD is great but not as warm as the CEB-3.

  • great pedal

    Verified Purchase

    A very well built pedal and easy to dial in your preferred sounds.

  • Versatile Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal is an extremely useful one, with a very wonderful rich sounding chorus effect, and the ability to dial it in to almost a flanger. The knobs, once you understand what they are doing, are very easy to use and figure out a sound that you want.

  • thank you

  • A good buy

    Verified Purchase

    It's just as good as the DOD FX-62 Bass Chorus that my stepdad had, and he's quite happy with the new pedal.