The Boss BE-5 is an early multi-effects unit from Boss that featured lush Chorus, a noise gate, Digital Delay, Overdrive and Compressor in a single unit. 

Product Specs

  • BE-5 Multi-Effect Unit
  • Black
  • 1990s

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Reviews for the Boss BE-5 Multi-Effect Unit
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  • Great pedal from the 80's!

    Verified Purchase

    Modern programmable FX units too complicated for me! And too fiddly to use. This fits the bill perfectly, and is very practical for gigging with. So lucky to get one in mint condition, even down to the original box, packing material, instruction leaflet etc

  • It's like finding the holy grail...

    Verified Purchase

    This ancient, prehistoric, dinosaur of a pedal is magic. It's better than magic because magic isn't real. There are three excellent effects - the chorus, the delay, and the compression. There's an okay effect - the overdrive. And there's an excellent adjustable noise gate. But wait! There's more! …