Featuring four loop tracks which can be played in tandem, four looping styles including octave and reverse solo as well as unlimited stacking, the Boomerang III Phrase Sampler's powerful looping capabilities make this unit one of the most expansive loopers on the market. Able to create full soundscapes perfectly in tandem, the Boomerang III is an ideal choice for the solo performer who wants enormous sound or the guitarist interested in creating experimental new sounds.

Product Specs

  • III Phrase Sampler
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Boomerang III Phrase Sampler
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  • Verified Purchase

    For phrase sampling, nothing comes close. Super tight, takes clock like a champ, simple to learn. Not for sound on sound (always an audible transition point in the loop).

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  • Live and learn

    I had one, sold it. I missed it so I bought two more. I felt guilty, so I sold them, and then bought another. They disappeared from the market so I sold it and made decent money. Dope slap. I couldn't find another for a few months. And I realized what you, perceptive reader, knew all along. I really…

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  • this is the one you want

    Verified Purchase

    I haven't used the RC-300 but this thing is just awesome. I was using an RC-3 with a dual footswitch, but for serious looping this is the schnizzle! They are only $489 new with warranty and the latest software, so if there aren't any on here buy a new one and help keep the new owners afloat!

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  • Verified Purchase

    Beats the boss rc 300 by miles (which i returned to buy the boomerang). Highly intuitive to use and allows you to correct mistakes and change your mind on the fly - definitely an improviser's looper.

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  • Best looper available

    Verified Purchase

    Stop looking for a multi track recorder that isn’t counter-intuitive or over complicated with unnecessary features. This has everything you need. I’m really thrilled all around with the Boomerang. Highly recommended.