Fender Princeton Reverb 12-Watt Vintage Blackface Guitar Combo Amp


The Blackface Fender Princeton Reverb is one of the crown jewels of mid-'60s combo amps. This classic amp added a tube-driven reverb circuit to the popular Princeton student combo, and has been among the most widely used recording amps since its introduction in 1964. 12 to 15 watts of power from a pair of 6V6GT tubes can be fairly clean, or can push the 10" speaker into submission with an absolutely perfect, tight drive sound. The reverb is luscious and mates well with the tremolo circuit to bring some ambience to the sound that truly cannot be emulated with any kind of modern stomp box.

Product Specs

  • Princeton Reverb
  • Blackface
  • 1964 - 1967
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Fender Princeton Reverb 12-Watt Vintage Blackface Guitar Combo Amp
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  • 1965 Princeton Reverb

    Verified Purchase

    Best amp I've ever played

  • 1965 Princeton Reverb

    Verified Purchase

    This amp sounds amazing. Crank it up and it has a little bit of a tweed vibe to it.

  • A true 1964 Princeton Reverb Amp

    These are outstanding studio amps and have been used through the years for many of the songs that have been recorded. One observation...a true stock 1964 Princeton Reverb does NOT have a Fender logo on the front. There was no logo in that year. Amps purporting to be 1964 with that logo have been altered, or are newer.

  • Verified Purchase

    Quite simply, if you can, GET ONE! Outstanding tone! Blackface crunch at home volume. Love it...

  • The Perfect Amp!

    Verified Purchase

    These puppies were built like tanks, and designed to make good instruments sound heavenly. There is no other amp to compare it to. It's pluses are it does clean better than any amp, and once cranked up, does break up and distortion in the most elegant way. It's a lifetime amp! Perfect for recording …