Fender Concert Amp 40-Watt 4x10 Vintage Blackface Guitar Combo

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The Fender Concert Amp, a pedal-friendly 40-watt 4x10 combo with brilliant clean tones, is perhaps the most undervalued of the Blackface-era amps. Though it has features similar to the early-'60s Vibrasonic amps, the 4x10 configuration and a different tube compliment give the Concert Amp an absurd amount of clean headroom and volume that the Vibrasonic can only dream of. These sleeper amps have recently garnered a little more attention, but due to their size, weight, and lack of reverb, a number of players continue to write them off. Maybe these people don't have reverb pedals...

Product Specs

  • Concert Amp
  • Blackface
  • 1964
Made In
  • United States

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