Biyang Tonefancier Metal End High-Gain Distortion

Product Specs

  • Tonefancier ME-29 Metal End High-Gain Distortion
  • Silver
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Biyang Tonefancier Metal End High-Gain Distortion
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  • Very good pedal

    Verified Purchase

    This is more than a good pedal “for the money,” it’s a dang good pedal. This is not an overdrive/distortion, it takes up where a lot of pedals leave off. Want 80s cranked? It does it. 90s scooped Metal? Does it. Modern high gain? Does it - and it does it all well. All controls have useable spans, …


    Verified Purchase

    If you dont have this pedal you are missing out big time man

  • Royal TONE Ass kicking weapon

    Verified Purchase

    This thing rules. I should have written a review when I bought it. It's been years since I bought it, and know what, over time I developed a real appreciation for how good a job this does at emulating my Fender tube amp's two stage dirty channels. It falls right between the dirty and lead sound. I…