Product Specs

  • Tonefancier EQ-7 Equalizer
  • Silver
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Biyang Tonefancier EQ-7 Equalizer
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  • Great Quality!

    Verified Purchase

    I purchased over the boss and mxr because of looks. I was surprised by the quality.

  • probably the highest quality at a very modest price

    I am also using this as a booster.....compared to my MI Audio booster, which is super quiet, the EQ-7 is as quiet, which is quite surprising. Built with the highest quality components. Basically Biyang builds equipment for professional musicians in China. The prices are modest, but don't be fooled. …

  • Verified Purchase

    Sounded great! Looked great!I used it for beefing up my tone as a harmonica player. Unfortunately 1 bead of sweat fell from my brow and landed in one of the sliders and now it's fried. I might get another one....