Product Specs

  • Babyboom RV-10 Tri Reverb
  • Blue
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Biyang Babyboom RV-10 Tri Reverb
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  • Cheap and it works

    Verified Purchase

    As the review title says, it's cheap and it works great. And that's all I have to about that!

  • Baby boom rv-10 tri reverb

    Verified Purchase

    This is a kick ass pedal for the price

  • it works for clean signals.

    Verified Purchase

    It sounds ok but i felt that it was missing something and when engaging an overdrive it would just go crazy with feedback, i think there's a design flaw there. Without gain it reverberates well and you have control over that but a plug-in would do a better job. I thought the holy grail sounded too d…

  • Loud, weird and lush

    Verified Purchase

    This is a dense-sounding three-mode reverb (hall, spring, room) with stereo in/out, a switchable mode that gives you weird distorted tails to your verb, and it's really loud. Takes a lot of juice - 200mA. I've been told that it doesn't play well with multi-output power sources, but would rather have…

  • Serious Boom for your Buck!

    This little reverb is a great value. The plate setting is best, just set it and forget it. Good for ambient effects! Some people report issues when daisy chained for power. So, I just use a brick with isolated power and everything is good to go! Boom! Baby!