Binson was an Italian manufacturer out of Milan that started in the 1950s and folded in 1982. The company made several iterations of the Echorec delay unit, which used a magnetic disk instead of the usual tape to achieve its echo sounds. Working specimens are extremely rare and highly sought after. 

Years of Production: ca. 1960 - 1979

Product Specs

  • Echorec 2 T7E
  • Gold
  • 1960s
Made In
  • Italy

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Reviews for the Binson Echorec 2 T7E
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  • Be prepared for more Ecorec expense

    Just had to deal with 2 of these Echorecs, great sounding, if you can get past the hiss. Also , the wiring tends to crumble, so plan on spending a lot more to have it rewired. The many clones and echo machines out there are by far a better , and far more usable investment.

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  • Inspiration and wonderful tone, but beware a 'bargain' Binson...

    Verified Purchase

    Binson Echorecs are amazingly-engineered machines: where a tape echo's input sound is recorded to tape, on a Binson it is recorded onto a circular spinning disc which has replay heads positioned around it. It's possible to select single and repeating echoes or reverb-like swells - these units have a…

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