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Reviews for the Behringer Neutron Paraphonic Analog and Semi-Modular Synthesizer
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  • Verified Purchase

    Beautiful and ugly at the same time. I have no idea what I'm doing with all these patches. But thats the magic.

  • Great sounding synth, awesome feature set for the price.

    Beware, you're getting into a rabbit hole with this synth. Very cheap to get into eurorack, but after this your pocket will suffer!

  • Great bang for buck and intro to Eurorack

    Verified Purchase

    For the money, I couldn’t say no to this. It is a great sounding synth in its own right with plenty of patching options. If you want to get into Eurorack, this is an amazing starter. You can add anything to it and start going crazy.

  • Get one

    Verified Purchase

    Fantastic synth. You have to get one.

  • A Beast!

    Verified Purchase

    I love this little red synth. The overdrive and analog delay feedback are a lot of fun to play with. I have driven it through USB MIDI, sequencing with Propellerheads Reason and old style with gate and CV inputs from a Korg SQ1 sequencer. It works great both ways.