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Reviews for the Behringer HPM1000 Multi-Purpose Headphones
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  • Headphones

    Verified Purchase

    These seem pretty good to me . . . Maybe I'm not all that demanding but I don't have any regret. Inexpensive and comfortable with a good sound, though I agree with those who say they're a little bass heavy.

  • Verified Purchase

    A good set of headphones....using it for watching movies and such....fine sound and very light weight!

  • Boxy and bassy

    Verified Purchase

    Pros: $10 headphones, light, revealing and detailed sound Cons: Overly bassy, boxy, poor seal around ears First off, if you're expecting great sound, don't buy $10 headphones. But if you need a cheap set, this will do the trick. They are EXTREMELY bass heavy and boxy sounding. Even a medium pick s…

  • Berhinger Headphones HPM 1000

    Verified Purchase

    I found them to be a decent headphone, Sonics- a little heavy on the bottom end and light on the top or perhaps the bottom just over-powers the upper mids & treble, They advertise a strong low end. I use them in my home studio and the price for performance is outstanding. Comfortable to wear for lon…