The Behringer DD400 Digital Delay & Reverb combines two staple effects in one pedal with a bevy of features and attractive price tag to match. Built on the company's Real Sound Modeling (RSM) technology, the pedal features controls for Balance, Tone, and Reverb/Delay Time for easily sculpting signature sounds. Packing five delay setting, four reverb settings, and two crossover modes, this pedal brings a world of effects to pros and beginners alike.

Product Specs

  • DD400 Digital Delay Pedal
  • Standard
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Behringer DD400 Digital Delay & Reverb
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  • great delay with production flaw

    Verified Purchase

    The tags are mixed up on this listing. My review is for the DD400 Digital Delay, NOT the Delay & Reverb! Anyway, I bought two of these and they had the same defect - the pedal didn't respond in hold mode - when you turn it on in another delay mode and turn to "Hold" it can't turn off but it will cap…

  • Another Behringer Winner!

    Verified Purchase

    I am a Berry Fan, and have NO problem stating that fact. I am also one to nail a product when it does not work as promised......this pedal does everything as I expected it to do for a fair price. The classic rock delay / reverb sound is super easy to dial in, and the combo settings are well thought …

  • Verified Purchase

    It did not perform when 9 volt battery was in place. I returned it.

  • Rv3 in plastic it's fantastic

    Verified Purchase

    There now that's stuck in your head all day....lol. but this is really a good pedal. A diamond in the rough