The Bearfoot FX Mint Green Mini Vibe sounds close to a 3D bias tremolo, creating a modulation sound somewhere between a Uni-Vibe and a Leslie rotating speaker. It features controls for Velocity, Amplitude, and Gain.

Product Specs

  • Mint Green Mini Vibe
  • Green
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Bearfoot FX Mint Green Mini Vibe
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  • Subtle to swirly

    Verified Purchase

    Not cheap, but worth the investment. As already reported in multiple reviews, with the depth down low this makes a great boost - it adds midrange content and sparkle. You can dial up the depth for that vibe sound, and here's the thing: it can be a very subtle effect, just adding a little motion, or …

  • Verified Purchase

    I leave it on all the time. It adds a texture to the sound that I really like.

  • Unique and interesting modulation.

    Verified Purchase

    As well as being a unique vibe effect (see online clips), this can be left always-on at a more subtle level to make any sound more dynamic and interesting. Especially good when used before tube distortion. It can amplify noise if you have dirty power, though.

  • Vibe, tremolo, phaser, harmonic exciter

    Verified Purchase

    Depending on where you set the amplitude knob from far right to left.. this little guy can be a vibe trem phaser or harmonic exciter. This pedal can run on 18v