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Reviews for the BBE Sonic Stomp Sonic Maximizer
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  • Makes everything sound better

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    This is a must have pedal if you have multiple effects on your pedal board. It literally sounds like a blankets been taken off your amp, making the highs harmonically sing and lows smooth out the muddyness. Just a great, simple, affordable "Always on" pedal every shoegazing pedal addict should have to compete their pedal chain.

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  • No brainer

    If you you dont have one, just pay the 40 bucks. Well worth it.

  • Sonics maximized indeed.

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    Clarifies all my notes and articulates in all the right ways. Combined with a 10 band eq (MXR) and it turned my amp (Peavey XXX) into a tonal master. This is a must have no matter what genre you play.

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    Great 👍