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The BAE 10DCF Compressor / Limiter combines tried and true discrete circuitry with a modern feature-set to bring vintage compression to your studio without the service headaches of older gear. With the sidechain and action of the Neve 33609, and Class A amplifiers and tone that nod to the 2254, the 10DCF offers up tremendous low end and a classic sonic signature. Along with selectable attack time, the 10DCF adds a sidechain high-pass filter for further control when compressing bass-heavy tracks.

Note that these units do not come with the necessary +24VDC outboard power supply. Be sure to procure a PSU separately or compare prices on BAE 10DCF's with the PSU included.

Product Specs

  • 10DCF Compressor Limiter with Sidechain Filter
  • Blue
  • 2010s

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