Avid Eleven Rack Guitar Multi-Effects Processor and Pro Tools Interface

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Reviews for the Avid Eleven Rack Guitar Multi-Effects Processor and Pro Tools Interface
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  • Excellent product!

    Verified Purchase

    I love them so much, I bought 2!

  • Still the King

    Have tried Headrush, Helix, Kemper, and Axe FX and none justify the additional (quite substantial cost) as this thing - paired with a Pedal Baby/ 4x12 and/or powered PA speakers and a Voodoo Lab MIDI board make a great live rig - for about the cost of a decent tube amp. I grabbed three of them when Sweetwater was giving them away for $199 last Christmas!

  • [rp*] 11-Rack & Rural Psychedelia

    Verified Purchase

    3+ years of tonal experience with this thing … in the rural psychedelic genre. We have created nothing but original music with this thing as the fundamental tone for our guitar tracks. Amp, cab and mic modeling : superb. Stereo effects loop : my favorite feature. Very user friendly. One minor issu…

  • A great unit

    What it lacks in numbers of emulations is more than made up for with the QUALITY of their tones, and isn't that the goal? Mic input with pad and 48v, many I/O routes and USB recording to the computer. This is probably the only pre-amp you will over need. Get one.

  • Great for recording!!!

    Verified Purchase

    Nice tones for home recording without having to dial in amps, mic placements, pedals etc..... Actually kind of fun to tinker with. I found it to be very intuitive and I'm an old school analog kind of guy.