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  • AmpliFIRE 12
  • Black
  • 2010s
Reviews for the Atomic AmpliFIRE 12
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  • A must have!

    Verified Purchase

    A very impressive piece of gear. If you're considering the Atomic Amplifire, I wouldn't concern myself too much with how it compares to the other guys. With a little tweaking, you can get whatever sound you need out of this unit. I will admit that the effects package may take a backseat to the othe…

  • Atomic Tone

    Verified Purchase

    I've only had the Atomic AmpliFIRE 12 for two days now. Straight out of the box with minimal tweaking, it sound great! I'm normally a tube-head, but the tone I'm able to achieve from this product is changing that. I hope to get into deep editing / preset downloads soon via the desktop computer. Check them out! Great job Atomic! Thanks!

  • Best bang for the buck and I've owned them all

    Verified Purchase

    I didn't sell everything, I kept my Kemper - but this pedal is an amazing live solution. Rather than hundred of models (like the Fractal products) there are a couple dozen (?) and I only use of few of those because they should so great. Tremendous support from Atomic, as well. Recommended.

  • Very good but limited effects and amps

    Verified Purchase

    Had some great tones with my Ax8 and my Kemper but this all in one floor unit is so easy to dial in and sounds so authentic and warm.

  • Great processor

    I have owned the little red one and sold it to get the AA12. First it is so simple to use. Second, it sounds great. If it doesn’t it’s not the processor. I use mine thru a cabinet. I keep the matched cabs on even though u shouldn’t and it sounds great. I do know gear. I own a Kemper and a Friedman …