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The Ampli-Firebox by Atomic is an amp and cabinet simulations pedal in a small-footprint pedal. The pedal features eight large knobs that are setup like the controls on your amp: EQ, Presence, Gain, Master, Reverb, and Level. Want to switch from a high-gain 5150-style lead channel and a shimmery top-boost? Use the three three-way switches that control presets, amp modes, and cabinet modes to toggle between the channels you prefer. There's also a boost switch that can be used to engage different effects, like compression and delay, in addition to five base reverb modes. This pedal outputs to both XLR and 1/4-inch main, which can run simultaneously. In this video, everything was recorded via the XLR out.


Product Specs

  • Ampli-Firebox
  • Black and Silver
  • 2010s

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