ARP 2600P v.3.0 1971-72 Gray/White
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The ARP 2600 is among the most legendary synthesizers and widely regarded synthesizers of all time. The 2600 ARP's flagship product built over 9 years and one of the most sought after and emulated synthesizers to this day due to its unique and monstrous sound capabilities.

While the 2600 featured many of the same traits as the MiniMoog and other synths of the era (3 VCOS, 24/dB filter), it excelled complexity and offered the user many more options due to it's semi-modular interface, allowing you to redirect signal flow with patch cords. Additional features such as envelope follower, built in spring reverb, built in speakers, and an extremely comprehensive and patchable modulation section made the 2600 stand out it it's field boasting virtually endless possibilities and routing options. 

Built between 1971 - 1980, their four incarnations of the 2600, each one advancing on prior 'bugs' in the system, improving stability, and various minor adjustments until ARP's demise in 1980.

Product Specs

  • 2600
  • Black
  • 1970s

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