Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt Audio Interface

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  • Verified Purchase

    I started with the duet then the quartet and now the ensemble and it is really a great sounding machine !!!!

  • Best audio interface I've ever owned

    Verified Purchase

    Over the years I have owned many audio interfaces for my studio. The ensemble is by far the best interface I have ever owned. The converters are outstanding! The first thing I noticed (in the first two seconds) was an audible difference in clarity over my last interface. The JFET Class A instrument …

  • Awesome device!

    I love this thing, Its part of my live rig to monitor drums and to also run backing tracks and this thing works like a champ. Hooked up to my Macbook Pro, I'm running Mainstage 3 to run the show, and during rehearsals I'm able to record multitrack of everyone to help better our performance! One co…

  • Great low latency interface with lots of clean pre-amps and inputs

    Verified Purchase

    So far, loving how easy the Apogee makes it to track and monitor. It also has plenty of inputs so I never need to juggle and high quality preamps that are perfectly clean and usable — I just use outboard pre's and plugins to add color as needed. All in all, I would say this is a world-class interface in my experience so far!

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This premium-grade interface packs a total of 30 inputs with 8 mic preamps, dedicated instrument level inputs that can reamp, and 34 outputs (18 digital via ADAT and S/PDIF for both inputs and outputs) and passes pristine digital audio at blazing speeds, letting you capture the whole band at once in stunning 24 bit / 192kHz quality. The Ensemble Thunderbolt also does away with the need for an external monitor controller, giving you configurable outputs as well as talkback functionality that used to require an additional box.