Apogee Element 24 Thunderbolt Audio Interface

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The Apogee Element 24 is a compact 10x12 Thunderbolt audio interface for Mac stripped down to the bare necessities with high-end Apogee mic pres, conversion and clocking -- perfect for anyone who doesn't need more than a couple mic pres at a time. These two software-controlled mic pres give you up to 75dB of gain, providing more than enough juice for even your lowest output mics on whisper-quiet sources. This Thunderbolt interface doesn't just have impressively low latency, it also uses Direct Memory Access technology to lighten the load on your computer, letting you run more plugins at a lower buffer rate. Rounded out by a set of balanced outputs and a single headphone output, this cost-effective interface is a true breakthrough box for any Mac-based musician, band or engineer looking to step up the quality of their tracks while they're overdubbing and mixing on the go.

Product Specs

  • Element 24 Thunderbolt Audio Interface
  • Black
  • 2010s

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