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A boutique take on the vintage British Dallas Rangemaster, the Analogman Beano Boost is a treble boost useful for overdriving the front-end of a tube amp. First popularized for simultaneously driving and brightening darker British amps, the effect was made famous by luminaries like Eric Clapton, Brian May and Marc Bolan. It offers a rawer, brighter and more open sound compared to the compressed, mid-heavy overdrive pedals that would came later. Unlike the extremely rare original, the Beano Boost also adds a 3-way switch to tailor the frequency response between the original treble boost, a mid boost and a full frequency boost. There are two varieties: the full-sized Beano Boost and the Beano Boost Mini. The Mini only operates on a power supply but is otherwise the same pedal. Both trade at similar prices.


Product Specs

  • Beano Boost
  • Metal
  • 2000s
Made In
  • United States

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