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Reviews for the Analog Alien Joe Walsh Double Classic
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  • It's nice to get a sound that comes close to Joe's sound excellent pedal

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    Joe's sound is very unique and this gets you close to it nice job

  • Verified Purchase

    Pedal came within a few days am enjoying this very much, now I know why Joe loves this pedal so much live..

  • Very versatile and controllable

    This pedal is really unique in the way that Analog Alien set it up. First of all these guys make top notch products and don't cut any corners in their designs and components. The amp section is not simply a gain control, it has EQ, that really works the way it should and a gain that's really respons…

  • How YOU doin'?

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    The JWDC does something special - let's you dial up some robust colors in break up with a Les Paul. I mean like the color of the rainbow. Use a low compression ratio and push the overdrive to get to unity with what would come direct from the amp sans pedal. Once I get my tele and strat back I may post another review. Great pedal. Jeff Dortch

  • Analog Alien Joe Walsh Double Classic

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    Awesome tone! Works great with single coil, and humbuckers. Nails Joes tone, or create your own. Love it!