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Reviews for the Ampeg VT-22 100-Watt 2x12" Guitar Combo
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  • Hellacious Smoking Amp - No Kidding !

    Bought my first one used in the 80’s. Awesome amp - warn, bluesy, and louder than hell - great stage amp - but heavy. Played for years until it started breaking up one night mid-song so gave it a gentle “kick” in the cabinet and it came back fine. Finished up the song, smelled a little smoke, an…

  • Over-the-top waaay too heavy & average clean tone.

    Super heavy (90 lbs), only one handle (on top) and ungawdly loud. Extremely difficult and impractical to move around. Doesn't have legs to lean-back like a Twin, not a particularly remarkable tone, not known for being a high- quality build, not point-to-point but does take pedals well, Needs a big tall room to stretch it's legs.

  • A sleeper amp

    Verified Purchase

    Sounds like a 2 thousand dollar fender blackface super reverb. With even more tone shaping ability. Lots of headroom for pedals, And they are making the unique tubes again. win win