Ampeg SVT Limited Edition 300-Watt Bass Amp Head 1987

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Introduced in 1969, the Ampeg SVT was an absolutely revolutionary amplifier, pushing an unprecedented 300 watts through an 8 by 10 cabinet. The SVT has gone through a number of design changes over the years, but remains an unmistakable part of touring rigs and backlines for generations of musicians though the first model ceased production in 1985. In 1986 and 1987, Ampeg made a limited number of "Skunkworks" SVTs. They use American rather than Japanese transformers. 

Years of Production: 1969 - 1985

Unique to this model: The "Skunworks" SVT was a limited run of 500 heads that harkened back to the early '70s SVT in circuitry and build. 

Electronics: 300 watts, two channels, four inputs (two bright, two normal, 2/4 ohm output  

Controls:  Volume, treble, bass on both channels, midrange on channel 1

Notable SVT Players: The Rolling Stones, Les Claypool, Bootsy Collins

Product Specs

  • SVT Limited Edition 300-Watt Bass Amp Head
  • Black
  • 1987

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