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Reviews for the Ampeg PF-350 Portaflex 350W Bass Head
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  • Ampeg PF-350

    Verified Purchase

    Not a techy, but I bought this to get a bit more HP playing small outdoor gigs, and this thing delivers. Used with 2X Ampeg SVT210 cabs. Plenty of headroom, Ampeg sound, etc.

  • Punchy & capable 350watt SS bass amp head

    Verified Purchase

    It won’t smash a huge audience to pieces like an old Ampeg SVT/810 rig will or anything close but the Ampeg pf350 Solid state Bass amp head with its 350watts at 4ohms thru an old PV BW 15” 4ohm 350watt RMS loudspeaker in a 2ft squared Eden Adam 115T ported cab provides all the punch my little home …

  • PF-350

    Verified Purchase

    This amp is o.k. I have been using a vintage Ampeg V4, it weighs 65 lbs. The PF-350 weighs 8 lbs. This little solid state amp will never sound like the vintage tube amp, it does sound just fine. The 350 watt solid state amp is not as loud as the 100 watt V4 tube amp, yet it does seem to be loud enou…

  • About 7 years

    I used to use a heavy tube Ampeg SVT back in the 80's, and the weight was o.k. when I was in my 20's, and the sound was legendary. However in my 50's the light weight compact PF-350 was tempting to get. I used it for about 7 years before it left me high and dry at showtime last Friday. I pulled a QS…

  • Nice head for small size and price

    Verified Purchase

    This seems like a nice head for practice or small gigs. I'm not used to a small amount of power but this sounds nice.