Ampeg BA115-V2 150-Watt 1x15 Bass Combo

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Reviews for the Ampeg BA115-V2 150-Watt 1x15 Bass Combo
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  • Absolutely Monstrous

    Picked up one of these new a while back now, and I have to say, it is perfect. It's on the larger side for a portable amp combo setup, but you get used to it very quickly. The sound this thing can make are just stupid loud, especially with gain or distortion. I had the thing at 5/10 volume with gai…

  • Verified Purchase

    Love it. Definitely brings the bottom.

  • This is the one

    Verified Purchase

    Love this amp. Deep, rich Ampeg tone in a package that’s big enough to fill the room and easy to load/unload. Don’t know why I waited so long to get it.

  • Great amp. Light weight. Options to satisfy all sound preferences.

    Verified Purchase

    I received this amp to upgrade to a larger scale combo amp. I have the Fender Rumble 25W amp, so obviously, I needed more power. This amp has plenty of power and gives you options to satisfy your preference in sound. It has a scrambler, a high frequency and low frequency booster, along with a 3…

  • Fantastic Amp

    Verified Purchase

    Finally picked up a bass amp. My bands been using an old shitty Line 6 as our bass amp for the past two years. Definitely worth the money. Great for small and medium sized venues. Even if you need more volume it has a DI to go into the house system. Facking bassy and fat. Love it