Alexander Pedals Radical Delay Pedal

The Alexander Pedals Radical Delay is a three-mode pedal that takes the platform of cleaner digital delays from the 1980s and adds a serious swath of modifiers to the tails. Your standard delay controls like time, feedback and mix mate up with Alexander's unique "Tweak" control, a multi-function knob that takes on a different task depending on which mode the delay is in. In "Mod" mode, the Tweak control adds dimension with chorus or vibrato depending on which way you turn the knob. In "Glitch" mode, the same tweak knob sends you into a trance of video game music and bit-crushed freak-outs, flashing you back to a period in your life where you were probably sitting a little too close to the television. For pitch-shifted repeats, flip over to "Bend" mode and then spiral the tails up or down depending on where the Tweak knob is pointing. Don't need the delay for a particular song? No problem. Zero out the delay time and use this pedal for modulation and vibrato, funky lo-fi crunch, or harmony lines by goosing up the dry signal while in Bend mode.

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