Alesis Nanoverb 18-Bit Digital Effects Processor


The Alesis Nanoverb 18 Bit Digital Effects Processor is a rackmount reverb unit featuring 16 of Alesis' reverberation algorithms ranging from rooms to halls to impossible spaces. It offers controls for input, mix, output, and adjust, with modes for hall, room, plate, and nonlinear reverb as well as chorus, flange, rotary speaker, delay, and chorus-room mixes.

Product Specs

  • Nanoverb 18-Bit Digital Effects Processor
  • Black
  • 1990s

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Reviews for the Alesis Nanoverb 18-Bit Digital Effects Processor
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  • Great reverbs, meh delay.

    Verified Purchase

    The Reverbs are great, the Delay setting is noisy and not great. Chorus is pretty decent, Flange is average but usable. The Rotary settings are pretty good. Have no idea what the Non Linear setting could be used for--dont like it. Overall not bad for the price, the Reverbs make it worth it.

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  • Perfect for a home studio outboard effect

    Verified Purchase

    Simple outboard multi-effects processors sort of came of age in the '90s; they haven't really improved in sonic quality so if you have basic recording needs this Nanoverb is a great choice for an unbeatable price. I purchased this unit as an outboard multi-effect send for my Tascam DP24. It's simpl…

  • Great sound and deal for $50.

    Verified Purchase

    Pretty impressed with the longevity of this product. It just keeps on kickin. It is a great product for the money.

  • Verified Purchase

    Great sound,,,great deal for $ 35. REVERB. COM 👍👍👍👍

  • Verified Purchase

    Damage But working OK