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AKG's C414 B TLII is the transformerless version of the C414 B ULS, using (at the time) more modern electronics and complex 17-transistor circuitry, and a nylon CK12 capsule rather than the previous brass capsule. The TLII features four polar patterns switchable on the front of the microphone, with attenuation and high-pass filter switching on the rear.

The TLII uses a DC-to-DC converter for polarizing voltage to the capsule rather than drawing directly from the +48V phantom power supplied to the microphone, a technique used in the later versions of the EB (labeled C414 B EB-P48). This proved to be more stable and reliable in the long run.

Product Specs

  • C414 B TLII
  • Black
  • 2000s
Made In
  • Austria