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Developed by Akai in tandem with the well-known electronic engineer Roger Linn, the MPC (Music Production Center) is in essence a powerful drum machine with an interactive interface of signature rubber squares. The units are also marked by the incorporation of extensive sampling abilities and MIDI sequencing, which became more powerful in newer iterations. The MPCs are some of the most popular production tools for old-school and modern hip-hop and rap.

The MPC60 is the company's original model and draws its design and technical features from the Linn 9000 and Sequential Circuits Inc. Studio 440.

Years of production: 1988-1994

Product specs: 16 touch pads, 750 kB sampling memory, 40 kHz sampling rate, 16 voice polyphony, two MIDI inputs and four MIDI outputs

Associated artists: Trent Reznor, The xx, DiViNCi

Product Specs

  • MPC60
  • Grey
  • 1988

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